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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Dr Tilly Spurr

Tilly is a registered performance nutritionist (SENr) and Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition at the University of Chichester. She has worked with a range of National and International athletes in both team and individual sports, and coaches executives in high stress jobs. She is currently working for Great British and England Basketball, being part of the team behind the successful Commonwealth Games teams, is a TASS Nutritionist and a consultant for Great British Eventing and Akolyte Esports. Tilly’s research focuses on the development of fuelling and recovery strategies around elite performance, and she is particularly passionate about supporting young athletes.

Tilly coaches players to recognise that tiny changes made in what, or the timing of what they eat can add up to great gains. A solid personalised nutrition and hydration strategy can promote good health and performance, enhance cognitive function and improve team dynamics.