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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Rob Hobson

With a successful career spanning over 17 years, Rob is an acclaimed registered nutritionist known for his varied expertise in the field. At the heart of London, he founded RH Nutrition, a renowned consultancy that caters to a diverse clientele. Among his clients are professional athletes and individuals striving to elevate their physical performance.

Rob’s voice resonates beyond personal consultations. He’s a frequent contributor to top-tier health magazines and is no stranger to the airwaves, making appearances on both radio and TV. Adding to his accolades, he is the author of three internationally-sold books on nutrition.

His consultancy acumen is sought after by leading health and wellness brands. This includes collaborative ventures with household names such as Healthspan, Flora, Adidas, Fitbit, and Yakhult. Through these partnerships, Rob continues to shape the landscape of sports nutrition and wellness, one client and one brand at a time.