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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Sustainability Leader of the Year

Within the context of climate change, sustainability receives more and more attention in the food sector. The food industry has witnessed the need to change to a more sustainability-oriented market because food production seems now to exceed environmental limits.

Today, business development in the food sector goes hand in hand with consideration of this ecological and social context, as decision makers are increasingly requiring food businesses to comply with environmental standards and ensure their practices are ethical and responsible.

This award recognises initiatives taken by sports and active nutrition businesses over the last year to reflect and actively contribute to sustainability objectives laid out in policy and legislation, such as the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.

The judges will base their decision on evidence showing best practices with regards to transparent sourcing, animal welfare, circular packaging, food loss and waste reduction and prevention. In addition, our judges will be looking for evidence showing business practices that support not only environmental protection but also the local communities which supply chains interact with.


  1. Tell us about your company background.
  2. What’s your company vision, what do you stand for?
    What do you produce? What were your best-selling products over the last year?
  3. Tell us about your efforts to transition to a more sustainable business model over the last year (please feel free to provide any evidence/concrete examples to back your claims).
  4. Tell us about how your business has contributed to European policy initiatives on sustainability over the last year (please feel free to provide any evidence/concrete examples to back your claims).
  5. What makes your sustainable business model stand out?
  6. What major sustainability plans do you have for the future?