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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient

Without ingredients, sports nutrition products wouldn’t be produced or manufactured at all. Ingredients make up the fundamental beginnings of an incredible journey that takes a sports nutrition product from the drawing board to the consumer. 

The Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient category celebrates the best ingredients dedicated to enhancing performance, boosting muscle recovery, or aiding endurance. 

All ingredients specifically designed for and marketed with sports nutrition applications in mind are eligible for entry into this award. From high-end nutrient combinations aimed at elite athletes through to solutions for on-the-go consumers looking to get healthy, this award celebrates ingredients designed to meet the specific demands of the sports and active nutrition category. 



  1. Tell us about your company / brand
  2. Tell us about your ingredient (please feel free to include any relevant scientific evidence to demonstrate a unique nutritional solution to this need or problem)
  3. How does it differ to other ingredients on the market?
  4. What is the added value your ingredient can provide to a brand or manufacturer?
  5. Please provide examples of applications/delivery systems for use in final products.
  6. Commercial success and engagement: How has your product performed on the market? (Please feel free to provide numbers and examples of sales and applications available in the market)