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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Protein Powder/Shake

Protein shakes have become ubiquitous and essential products in the sports nutrition market. Catering to a range of nutritional needs and coming in a variety of exciting flavours, these protein-packed blends are a staple for consumers’ muscle-building ambitions but also post-workout for building new muscle tissues and repairing damage. 

Protein shakes are also a perfect companion for anyone following a meat-free diet who may struggle to get enough protein from their diet alone. Innovations in the sector have also produced vegan blends as an alternative to products containing whey protein. 

The Best Protein Shake/Powder award will recognise the industry leader in products which promote and maintain muscle growth as part of physical exercise, and are designed to optimise recovery during the period of time immediately following a workout. 


  1. Tell us about your company / brand 
  2. Tell us about your product (please feel free to include any relevant scientific research that can support your submission)  
  3. How does it differ to other products on the market? (Please feel free to include any peer reviewed data to back up any performance of health claims made) 
  4. How does it improve overall athletic performance? 
  5. Commercial success and engagement: How has your product performed on the market? (Please feel free to provide numbers and examples of sales and applications available in the market)