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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards


Best Free-From Product

Sports nutrition is now a mainstream industry, and the sector’s target audience has grown significantly over recent years. In line with this trend, the group of consumers seeking products that are specifically targeted to their health needs has also grown.

These needs could derive from allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients but could also simply be a result of dietary trends or nutritional preferences. With an increasing demand for products for all dietary requirements, the sports nutrition industry is also challenged to provide more products that are dairy, meat or gluten-free and contain less fat, sugar and fewer calories – all while maintaining a “clean” label. Entries to this category are encouraged to demonstrate how their product(s) respond to most recent dietary trends and preferences of health-conscious consumers, while using clean and simple ingredients that are recognised by these consumers.  


  1. Tell us about your company / brand

  2. Tell us about your product (please feel free to include any relevant scientific research that can support your submission)
  3. How does it differ to other products on the market? (Please feel free to include any peer reviewed data to back up any performance of health claims made)

  4. How does it improve overall athletic performance?

  5. Commercial success and engagement: How has your product performed on the market? (Please feel free to provide numbers and examples of sales and applications available in the market)