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European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards



The ESSNawards 2023

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards (ESSNawards) – Europe’s premier sports and active nutrition ceremony – is returning in 2023!

If you are interested in judging this year’s awards, please get in touch at info@essnawards.com.

You can read more about our robust judging process below.


Independent and fair

The ESSNawards judges process is extremely robust and ensures a fair competition. The judges for each category look to make an assessment based on the following elements:

  • Impact and innovation –  Demonstrates significant, positive, tangible impact to the industry.
  • Efficiency – Adheres to the requirement of delivering an efficient operation, demonstrating how this has been achieved.
  • Consumer engagement – Takes consumer needs into account and acts as a voice of the customer.
  • Commercially aware – Recognises and contributes to the success of the business by acting responsively to commercial needs.
  • Process improvement – Ability to demonstrate a structured approach to improving processes.
  • Compliance – Demonstrates has the right set of controls and measures in place.

Our ESSNawards 2022 judges can be found below.


Alec Fenn

Sarah-Jane Hodson

Kate McDaid

Rob Hobson

Nick Morgan

Dr Bradley Elliott

Andrew Steele

Dr Tilly Spurr

Dr James Fleming

Jesse Lambert-Harden

Dr Julien Louis

Dr Stephen Bailey

Francesca Cappozzo

Jens Bleiel

Terence O’Rorke

Jo Travers

Mark Gilbert

Claudia Mucciardi

Luca Bucchini

More judges to be announced soon